Y-Strainer Ductile Iron Flanged Ends PN16 – GENEBRE

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Features :

1. "Y" strainer.
2. Flanged ends according to EN 1092 PN 16.
3. Face to Face according to EN 558 series 1 (DIN 3202 F1).
4. Made of Ductile Iron EN-GJS-400 (GGG-40).
5. External and internal coating of epoxy paint.
6. Screen made of Stainless Steel AISI 304.
7. Body / cover gasket made of PTFE+Graphite.
8. Drain plug.
9. Max. working pressure 16 bar.
10. Working temperature -10 ºC + 120 ºC.

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Datasheet Manual Instruction


The compatibility of materials used to build the valves (see technical specifications) and the application of valves to the different industrial processes is at user’s risk. Valves will have an optimal behaviour when working conditions do not exceed pressure and temperature limits (pressure curve) for which they have been designed. Please, refer to the product datasheet.

Y-Strainer Ductile Iron Flanged Ends PN16

  • Construction: Ductile Iron GGG-40.
  • Gasket: PTFE+Graphite.
  • Ends: Flanges DIN PN 16.
  • Working pressure: 16 bar.
  • Working temp: -10ºC +120ºC
  • Screen: AISI 304 perforated plate
ReferenceSizeWeight (Kg)Box / carton
2458G 08FLANGED “Y” STRAINER PN-16 1″1/26.851/1
2458G 09FLANGED “Y” STRAINER PN-16 2″7.71/1
2458G 10FLANGED “Y” STRAINER PN-16 2″1/210.1541/1
2458G 11FLANGED “Y” STRAINER PN-16 3″11.9791/1
2458G 12FLANGED “Y” STRAINER PN-16 4″15.5961/1
2458G 13FLANGED “Y” STRAINER PN-16 5″27.41/1
2458G 14FLANGED “Y” STRAINER PN-16 6″32.8251/1
2458G 16FLANGED “Y” STRAINER PN-16 8″52.0881/1
2458G 18FLANGED “Y” STRAINER PN-16 10″82.9781/1
2458G 20FLANGED “Y” STRAINER PN-16 12″121.8781/1


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