Control Valve 2 Ways Modulating Pneumatic PN16 – GENEBRE

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Features :

  • Normally Closed Control Valves (Spring Return)
  • Drive: pneumatic (air to open)
  • Body material: ASTM A216 WCB
  • Connection: Flanged ends DIN 2543 (PN16)
  • Limit of pressure: Water 16 bar at 120ºC
  • Steam 13 bar at 200ºC
  • Working Temperature: -20ºC / + 230ºC
  • Features of Actuator:
  • Diaphragm type, spring return, normal close.
  • Maximum input pressure: 6 bar.
  • Sealing: DIN EN 1349 Class VI (zero leakage)
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The 2-way modulating pneumatic valve consists of a single seat globe valve piloted by a
simple effect pneumatic actuator (supplied in Normally Closed fail safe position). The
position of the valve plug is regulated by the pressure of the air signal on the membrane
of the actuator. The globe valve can also be used as a cut-off valve (seal).

2 ways modulate pneumatic valve

  • Body: carbon steel WCB.
  • DIN PN 16 flange ends.
  • Seat material: PPL.
  • Working temperature -20ºC/+230ºC


ReferenceSizeWeight (Kg)Box / carton
5065 042WAYS MODULATE PNEUMATIC VALVE 1/2″ PN1617.8931/1
5065 052WAYS MODULATE PNEUM. V. 3/4″ PN1619.6291/1
5065 062WAYS MODULATE PNEUM. VALVE 1″ PN1619.0531/1
5065 072WAYS MODULATE PNEUM. V.1 1/4″ PN1620.6741/1
5065 082WAYS MODULATE PNEUM. V.1 1/2″ PN1630.3171/1
5065 092WAYS MODULATE PNEUM. VALVE 2″ PN1633.3391/1
5065 102WAYS MODULATE PNEUM.V. 2 1/2″ PN1648.121/1
5065 112WAYS MODULATE PNEUM. VALVE 3″ PN1649.8521/1
5065 122WAYS MODULATE PNEUM. VALVE 4″ PN1663.861/1


The control valve plays an important role in the loop adjustments, in the automatic control of industrial processes. Performs the function of varying the flow of control fluid, which modifies the value of the measured variable, behaving like a continuously variable area orifice. Within the control loop is as important as the primary element, the transmitter and controller. The shutter control performs the function of fluid flow, acting in the direction of its axis. Shutter equal percentage: In a shutter with equal percentage characteristic, every increment of stroke in the shutter produce a change in the flow that is proportional to the one that flowed before the change.

Gaskets are used isopercentual valves for:

  • Fast processes.
  • When the system dynamics are not well understood.
  • When you need high range flow control (rangeability)

The “Rangeability” or field of flow control that valve is capable to regulate maintaining the inherent characteristic curve.

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Additional information

Connection Type



Carbon Steel


Pneumatic Actuator



Ball/Disc Material




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